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I am super inspired by all the posts and articles that I have seen from eduventurist! I was thinking some people here might be interested in YIP (the international Youth initiative Program) (I went there last year) which is striving to work with new ways of learning in community together with lots of amazing contributors and incredible people! :) 

Ultimately, you are the only person you have. We all exist within the structures and systems of our society, and any evolutionary biology can tell you that species evolve slowly over a multitude of generations, even though individuals may be drastically different in each of those generations. Our systems change, but they change slowly. But each of us can alter ourselves drastically. Do it now. Liberate yourself. There is peace within the form.

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Hi Weezie! Have you seen this article?
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I haven’t seen that particular article, but I have been following the Thiel Fellowship story for a while now. I’ve actually met/been in contact with several of the fellows. It will be interesting to see how things go with them all!

Thanks for sending me the article!


Just received this email from a fellow Stanford student named Robin Thomas and felt compelled to repost… Here’s the text, verbatim:

What’s your college degree going to give you?

I mean the degree itself, the piece of paper. What will that get you?

It’ll help you make more money later on, for…

I added this post to the Eduventurist Tumblr as requested by Guillame Andria

Submitted by Sophie Wilkus, Evergreen College Student

college for profit infograph

Discipline, hard work, rationality, calculation, can get us only so far; and in time will become the norm. With it we will produce efficient, but mediocre citizens. These are tools that can be used for good or ill. But the science of intuition – the mysterious spark that separates the great discoverers and philosophers and artists from the nearly great, this will one day have to be studied, and used for the common good.